This Month's Articles

November 2011 articles by Thomas P. Turner:

Pilots are Optimists...or Are They? Co-written with Dr. Lorne Sheren

Your outlook may depend on the flight you're on.

AOPA Pilot

When Glass Goes Dark
What do you need to do when the highly reliable Mean Time Between Failures ticks down to zero in the plane you're flying.

Aviation Safety

The Second Rule of Emergencies

What to do once you've got "fly the airplane" under control.

Twin & Turbine

Safety Pilot: Icing Season
Go up, go down, turn left, turn around...what's the right choice?

American Bonanza Society

The Psychology of Fuel Exhaustion
Often it's not preflight planning that leads to running out of gas before reaching the end of the magenta's the temptations we face and the choices we make along the way.

Pilot's Audio Update

The Post-Flight Inspection
Look now and you'll be less likely to defer squawks before your next flight.

BAC Talk

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